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WHEREAS, the Carmel at the California Club Property Owners Association, Inc.’s (the “Association”)
Governing Documents together with relevant Florida Statute authorizes the Board of Directors to adopt, amend,
and enforce Rules and Regulations with respect to the Common Areas. The purpose of such Rules and
Regulations shall be to maintain, administer and govern the use and enjoyment of the Common Areas as well as
to uniformly enhance and protect the value, attractiveness, and desirability of the Common Areas in furtherance
of the general plan of development and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents.

WHEREAS, the Rules and Regulations of the Association shall become effective and binding when they
are 1) adopted by a majority of the Board of Directors at a meeting called for that purpose, and 2) posted in a
conspicuous place in or near the Common Areas.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors revokes all prior Rules and
Regulations and adopts the following Rules and Regulations which conform to the Governing Documents of the
Association and relevant Florida Statute, as each may be amended from time to time:



1. Each owner and resident shall be responsible for complying with the terms of the Governing Documents
of the Property Owners Association as well as those of the individual Building Association.

2. The Common Areas are for the exclusive use of the Owners, residents, their guests, invitees, and
licensees. The Common Areas and Association are not open to public use.

3. An Owner who leases or sell their Unit shall relinquish their right to use of the Common Areas,
including but not limited to use of the pool, pool patio area, and parking. Notwithstanding the foregoing,
the Owner will retain the right of ingress and egress of the community for the sole purpose of access to
the Unit and may park a vehicle in a guest space while the Owner is on the property.

4. Owners, residents, guest, invitees, and licensees, shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner which
is not offensive or obnoxious to other residents and shall exercise reasonable care about excessive and
loud noise, including but not limited to vehicle noise. The noise ordinances of Dade County, as
amended from time to time, shall be enforced. As of May 30, 2017 the noise ordinance of Dade County
defines an excessive noise as one that exceeds 60 decibels, which is reduced to 55 decibles between the
hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am.

5. An Owners shall be responsible to reimburse the Association for any and all damaged caused by the
resident, guest, invitee, or licensee of the Owners to the Common Areas of the Association.


6. As of the effective date of these Rules and Regulations, the Association and Common Areas are zoned
RU-4L by Dade County and may only be used for residential purposes. No trade, business, profession,
or other commercial activity may be conducted on the Common Areas or within the Association.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, a home office is permitted by a person residing in the unit and involving
only written correspondence, telephones, computers, or other common office equipment which is clearly secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes. A home office is subject to a certificate
and other requirements of Dade County.

7. No signs, advertisements, or notices shall be posted on any of the Common Areas or distributed on the
Common Areas, except for those signs posted by the Association and reasonably related to carry out
purpose of the Association.

8. There shall be no solicitation by any person anywhere upon the Common Areas for any cause, charity,
or any other purpose.


9. Domestic pets are permitted within the Common Areas and the Association. Residents must comply
with all laws and ordinances of the State of Florida and Dade County with regard to the pet, including
but not limited to minimum licensing and vaccination regulations.

10. All pets must be leashed and under the control of the owner or resident when on the Common Areas.

11. It is unlawful to allow a pet to urinate or defecate on the Common Areas. Residents are responsible for
picking up waste left by their pets and disposing of it properly. The Association has provided pet waste
stations throughout the Common Areas to assist residents in complying with this law.


12. Garbage shall be bagged and deposited in the designated waste containers only. The Association
provides waste services for household waste only and cannot accept any bulky or hazardous materials.
Items such as tires, yard debris, old furniture, carpet, tile, construction debris, appliances, and chemicals
cannot be disposed of in the Association waste containers. Bulky and hazardous materials must be
disposed of by and at the sole cost of the resident by contacting the Department of Solid Waste

13. No flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid, chemical or other substance may be kept on the
Common Areas.

14. No antennas, satellites, etc. may be affixed to any of the Common Areas.


15. Each Unit shall have 1 assigned parking space. All vehicles utilizing assigned parking and/or owned by
a resident must be registered with the Association and receive a barcode, which barcode must be
displayed at all times while the vehicle is on the Common Areas.

16. Cars parked in spaces not assigned to them, in any right of way, or any part of the Common Areas not
designated as a parking space, shall be subject to towing.

17. Only motor vehicles are permitted in parking spaces. Items such as recreational vehicles, trailers, boats,
bicycles, surfboards, shopping carts, containers, etc., are not permitted to be parked or stored in a
parking space or anywhere on the Common Areas and are subject to removal by the Association.

18. All vehicles must have a current license tag and registration or they will be subject to towing. Vehicles
may not back in to a parking space.

19. Commercial vehicles which are on the Common Areas to provide a service to a Unit or the Association
may park in guest spaces only Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. At all other times commercial
vehicles may only park on along the North-West boundary of the Association, adjacent to the
commercial buildings, the “back wall.” Commercial vehicles in violation are subject to removal by the

A commercial vehicle is defined as:
a. Displaying an external sign or any equipment used for a commercial purpose.
b. Greater than 8 feet in height or 20 feet in length.

20. All vehicles must be operational or they will be subject to towing. No mechanical repairs may be made
to vehicles on the Common Areas. Inoperable vehicles, including those with a flat tire, shall not remain
on the Common Areas for more than 24 hours and thereafter shall be subject towing.

21. All unregistered vehicles and non-resident persons must stop at the gate and provide identification prior
to being admitted to the Association. Unregistered vehicles shall be required to display a guest decal at
all times while in the Common Areas.

22. Storage of vehicles is prohibited in the Common Areas. Parking is reserved for the residents, their
guests, licensees, and invitees.


23. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. Each resident is responsible for the safety of themselves, their
guests, invitees, and licensee.

24. All individuals are required to have pool bands on their person and displayed at all times when they are
on the pool deck or in the pool.

25. Pool Hours
a. September – May. 9:00am – 6:00pm
b. June – August. 9:00am – 8:00pm

26. Guests under the age of 18 are permitted to use the outdoor pool when accompanied by a resident

27. Children under the age of 30 months must wear a swim diaper when in the pool.

28. There is no diving permitted and no running on the pool deck. No skating, skate boarding, or other
similar activities are permitted on the pool deck.

29. No glass or other breakable containers are permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

30. No food or drinks are permitted in the pool. Non-alcoholic drinks are permitted on the pool deck.

31. No pets are permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a verified service
animal will be permitted on the pool deck to the extent it is necessary for the owner of the pet.

32. No smoking is permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Board of Directors of The Carmel at the California Club Property
Owners Association, Inc. has adopted the foregoing resolutions upon motion made by Katie Grant and seconded
by Nilda Perez and passing with a vote of all in favor and 0 opposed, on this 13th day of June, 2017, at a duly
called and properly noticed meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum was present.